Back-Office Support And Data Entry

If you are looking for a partner to provide support for back-office operations involving working with Japanese data, then we can offer customized services.

Consulting by an experienced team which has more than 10 years experience at managing a Japanese back office.

We specialize in the Japanese<>English language pair and provide services in multiple areas. We work with a pool of registered freelance translators & interpreters and have capabilities in various domains.

Comprehensive solutions covering:

  • -Basic data entry into excel files
  • -Complex analysis with data entry into client systems

Our team of freelance linguists can work on anytime zone as per your requirement, collecting and managing the data for you.

Whether it is one-time projects, or regular weekly/fortnightly/monthly jobs, we can customize our delivery to meet your requirements.

"We will work with your team to provide you with the right solution that meeets your needs".

-Paromita Chatterjee, Director