Who We Are

We are a niche organization, based in India with a global delivery model, here to service companies and individuals that have any kind of a need for customized, high quality, and yet cost competitive services related to the Japanese language. The inception of Japan Tsunagari lies in the basic understanding that few translation firms, if any, provide a full-range service offering with regard to a single language or geography. Because they cater to multiple languages, translation & localization firms working with associated linguists have little interest in understanding the requirements of doing business with a particular geography or the needs of a single geography that go beyond translations. On the other hand, individual specialists are mostly freelancers with little need to provide services beyond translation & interpretations in their respective domains.

“Japan Tsunagari goes several steps further. It is a one-stop shop for all your Japanese related requirements. In addition to providing the basic services of translations & interpretation (both within India and outside) for Japanese<>English, we offer customized services for any of your Japanese and Japan related needs. You can find more details under the Services tab.”

– Arunima Yadav, Director